A few weeks ago sitting in the chair getting my nails filled in, I notice the lady getting what looked strange to me so I ask, what was she having done the nail tech kindly provided me with the information about it bring a powder that you dip the nails in. She next mentioned that, ” it was safer for the nails and I should try it.”

What is it? Its a powder.

Dip powders are basically acrylic power used in a different technique, it doesn’t have have the standard acrylic smell. It saves time and there is no use of UV light.

You still have to be careful, find out if they are using a new jar every time or that its poured out into a separate container for your use only. Be safe people and enjoy this option I love it!

Oh and these are my nails no tips the nail tech saved all my nails.

Prices vary with your natural nails and getting tips added. I am enjoying the sun shine on my nails.

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