I have been thinking about trying a new hair color for a while, I just didn’t want to color my hair, finally on a day I wasn’t feeling sick I ventured out to the beauty store and began looking. It was a bit overwhelming because there was so much to choose from curly, straight, kinky, dreads, twist, wigs, braiding hair , weaving hair. I looked for a while before moving into the wig section, here was another wide range of selection of wigs, will i find what i was looking for and finally there it was curls and red so i got the attendant to get it do I can try the one on display with a wig cap off course! I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw, and so I made my purchase.


I get to try a new color without dying my hair, plus i can take of the red whenever i want.

A good idea for anyone wanting to try a new color for the Summer, there are also color sprays or clip in hair pieces.

Have Fun!

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