This is sensitive, about a two weeks ago I woke up made a dental appointment and later on that day my front right teeth started to pain, now my appointment was set for may just a clean regular, by the end of the day I was frantic from drinking room temperature water to food touching the teeth I winced. I was told to get sensodyne toothpaste nothing, i had to stuff food and drink on the left side of my mouth not very comfortable but a girl has to eat.

Not I can handle some pain but I think my system was saying ok, can we not have any more pain so I called back the dental office to know could they see me ahead of schedule and as God would have it i got an earlier date, which was last Thursday March 7th the dentist said there was not much she could do that from my x-ray she saw no gum bleed or decay in the tooth, what I was dealing with can be brushing too hard, i am guilty of that so i was given a prescription to get this

I started using it the same day no relief as yet, when I go outside, in the morning i am screaming the pain the pain!!!

The story of this discolored tooth, when I was about 22years old I was pushed and fell some how this right tooth came loose but it didn’t fall out thank you God! The thought of losing that tooth and smiling ok, I’m back i pull the tooth back in place and pushed it up and it stayed and never pained i am now fifty four so yea brushing too hard is the culprit.

I now have to brush daily for 2 minutes then expectorate, I can’t eat, drink or rinse for 30 minutes as the add says, “the more you know.”

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