God is truly an awesome God! I never know when He is going to execute his plans but he is always right on time!

Monday morning came I opened my eyes looked at the time it was 4:18am and I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep, its alright because I can talk to him a little bit do some reading and sharing before getting up to start preparing myself to take my daughter to school.

It seems when I’m lying down I am good but getting up and moving around can be a problem so I got up felt the pain got up any way an I notice I was not wobbly yay! One out of two is not bad for me, I can handle some pain now! I did my motherly duty came back home had breakfast I tried to make an omelet which I suck at making but I will keep trying until I do, I also had red grapes, strawberries, four baby carrots and Uno plum.

After breakfast I wash the dishes and I will be looking for a cook book I really want to cook more now that I have my new kitchen.

I coined this phase because I’m a fighter and I know God has me wants me to win in my health. WeWillwinthefightagainstpkd

Do Enjoy The Beauty That Is Today☀️

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