At our house music is a must, I grew up singing and dancing a lot, which led me to singing in bands. My daughter grew up with her dad and I singing and dancing lots of dancing…

Once I’m well my daughter and I do mother/daughter selfie and we make videos, I am thankful that when I am well we do things together. PKD has kept me in bed with pain and feeling sick for a while now however i push through and get things done.

Today was one of those days I woke up in pain and I felt sick, the bed is my pal at times like this whenever I got up to do anything I felt dizzy and more sick with excruciating pain. I had to go out to get groceries for us and that was hard but God gave me the strength to do it.

I spoke to my Nephrologist about my situation and she sent an order for me to have some test done, I had them done called about the result and was told she was not happy with the white blood cells and wanted me to have another test done I did it and I’m waiting on the results. I was given some antibiotics that I started taking on Friday. I will talk to the Nephrologist again on Monday to get the results.


Enjoy our fun video.

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