Its another Friday! I am thankful I get to be here its a blessing and I acknowledge that. In spite of my health God woke me up every day and strengthened me to do just what I need and for that I say, thank you God…

I know that I am not the only one sick and dealing with an issue but this is my cross and by God’s grace I am carrying it. Living in constant pain can do a number on ones physical and mental well being but big shout out to my therapist Jennifer who have given me the tools to maneuver my way through this maze of mine call PKD, this disease has changed my life, it has taken me away from my family, some friends have even walked away one friend has even said to me, “people don’t want to hear about that” that cut me like a knife.

My journey didn’t turn out the way I planned but I know God’s plan is better for me because i rely on him for everything i need and he supplies all.

As my body goes through what it does i will keep on taking care of me the best that I can together with the doctors and specialist who attend to my needs. I continue to say Wewillwinthefightagainstpkd✨ I am aware of the millions of other people who suffer and struggle with this disease, I continue to pray our strength and pray for a cure so that another generation will not have to deal with the discomfort that I and others do.

Me yesterday I woke up feeling sick but I managed to be active even taking in a High school basketball game.

Happy Friday to all, thanks for reading, do enjoy the beauty that is today☀️

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