Here we go again, I had a very rough night I didn’t sleep well due to kidney pains.

Sleeping has become a serious problem for me and lately it has gotten worse. I wake up in excruciating pain every morning not to mention the struggle I face when trying to decide which way is comfortable to lie and that the most comfortable position is not working any more.

So, I can’t lay on the left nor right because its very painful but I do, bare with me, I tried sleeping on my stomach not working, on my back but not for long.

I wake up in the morning twisted to one side and then I have to stretch my self to look right. The strong medication I was on no longer works so I have to schedule an appointment with the Pain management specialist, plus talk to my Nephrologist about having some cysts drained from the right kidney, I had two drained on the left last year September and it helped with the pain so time to for the other one.

Presently I’m not in any pain just feeling very sick but thanks to God i was still able to take my daughter to school return home so I can rest some.

I am thankful for the spirit that God has given me, yes I maybe feeling sick but I still manage to beat my face get my hair together and say Happy Friday! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Do enjoy the beauty that is today☀️

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