Moving can be difficult but it has many good attributes, on to better or bigger things moving away from danger and from toxic people, things or place. I just made a move and it was very stressful however after all the stress I look around and I am so thankful, more space, alone time and just thankful to be able to.

This move was a long time coming, but happened just when it was suppose to. My body did not react nicely to it I was in a lot of pain and felt sick throughout the move but today, what a difference i feel more relaxed and at peace thank God…

To some people this may not be much but to me its a big deal because there are times when i can’t even do as much as i did but by pressing forward I pushed pass the pain and came out organized.

I felt good enough today so I started decorating the Christmas tree, I’m not finished but taking my time trying not to over do it.

Whatever you do remember to enjoy the beauty that is today ☀️

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