I have been dealing with dizziness for a while now I first thought it was my eyes, that was eliminated when I saw my Ophthalmologist. The funny in my head persisted, I started getting headaches but only on the left side of my head.

On waking up this morning with the same feeling, my pressure was a little higher than usual and after checking my oxygen levels that was a bit low as well, so I decided to head to the ER I got there and was seen very quickly, to my surprise there was no one else in there! I have never seen that before thank you God…

When I made this video one other person came in.

I was taken to a room very quickly, an IV line was placed and I waited about thirty minutes before seeing a doctor, we had the usual talk so I told my story and a cat scan of my head was ordered, I got that done and waited to seen the doctor again, another wait so after a room change and a movie the doctor returned to discuss the findings of the scan, the result nothing unusual, “it sounds like migraine, so I will let you go and if it persist with fever or more pain, please return.”

As I write this the nurse just came in to remove my IV access line from my arm time to go and have a meal I am hungry.

Thanks for reading i do appreciate you guys for taking the time to read. God bless you all.

Me this morning in the ER.

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