As someone who likes having their picture taken, I thought that I would share my TBT on here today. The picture I am using was taken in 2014 not very far back but because of what it represents I thought I’d share it. In 2014 I had a life altering change that brought me to my knees and I don’t mean in prayer, life brings you changes that when you come through you really have to thank God. I was sick really sick, I moving was very difficult but I had child to take to school which I did and when I couldn’t I would ask my mother-in-law and my neighbor to assist me. My primary care kept saying she wasn’t find anything wrong but I knew better and hello! I was physically sick, as fate would have it i made an appointment to see my doctor again but was told she was on vacation thank you God because I wanted to ask to see someone else, and she came her name Dr Deborah, she didn’t heal me but she was attentive, caring believed in God! Every week I was having blood drawn, seeing different specialist, checking my heart, breast, lupus, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV all negative but some thing was definitely wrong, so after having more conversation it turned out to be my Lymes disease was acting up along with my kidneys I was deeply depressed and suffering with anxiety.

Medicine was prescribed to assist and therapist was assigned to me. When I look at these pics of me, my eyes looks sleepy side effects from the medicine, now I think about how good it feels to not be in that place and in spite of my present struggles I’ve come along way…

Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. I must thank almighty God for in spite of myself he loved me enough to keep me alive, all glory and honor to you merciful and loving Father.

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