I get so tired of hearing people talk about, “I only wear Brands.” Hello, news flash we all wear BRANDS, every piece of clothing, shoes, food, pens are all BRANDS…

If you can afford to purchase the expensive Brands thats ok but you don’t have to bring others down because they can’t buy them.

The fact that you need a Brand to give you some status speaks volumes about your self worth, this is not directed at all persons but to the ones who feel the need to say it and the sad thing is some High end Brand buyers go with out food, owing on rent and other things just to say, “I only wear Brands.” I feel sorry for them.

Mean while back at the ranch 😁 I shop in Ross, Tj Maxx,Target, Walmart, Banana Republic, Express, Ann Taylor, New York & Company, Ralph Lauren to name a few, but they keep me in my budget. To be honest I would love to purchase other high end brands but I look and feel like a million bucks wearing what i can afford, I even love a sale rack I have found some fabulous pieces on a sale rack

I remembered a time I walked in Bebe and got a $400.00 dress for$40.00 and I have other expensive pieces that I own that has been given away.

The feeling I get when I can afford to donate so others can have makes me feel very good about myself. Do the next time you Brand buying people the ones who has to let John public know that you only wear brands, So what, I am wearing clothes too…

This dress from H&M $29:99 Shoes New York & Company.

This shirt and wide leg pants both from New York & Company shirt $14.00 pants $20.00 both on sale.

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