Parenting can be tough on its own think about adding any type of stressful situation in the mix, it can be much. Yes I am talking about myself, parenting while sick has been very stressful. I sometimes wonder if I doing a good job, I know for a fact that I sometimes parent from a place of guilt letting things slide when I should really be stricken.

I think about the countless activities I’ve missed all while being sick, losing my temper and having an anxiety attack has been my story a few times so I try to pull back so as to keep myself calm. I remember I was one of the people who didn’t understand when I heard another parents say,”I don’t know what to do” now I understand, we really shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

I have taken away the phone and now I have to hear, “why can’t I talk to my friends” or “I am the only idiot without my phone” and it goes on an on. I feel our relationship is changing and not for the best. I do pray with her but can’t seem to get her to buckle down and read without my say so. I am sitting here shaking right now, if any one reading this have any suggestions I am open for them.

I am from the Caribbean and we do things a bit different but here the rules differ but I may just have to go West Indian on her.

Her an i last Sunday after church.

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