Hello to my followers, its been a while since I’ve posted anything. I was taking time away to deal with my tiredness, my daughter and the death of my brother-in-law.

My tiredness has been increasing to where I just feel tired and I fall asleep. In doing what I need to about that I got a referral from my Urologist to have an MRI so I call and set up the appointment the receptionist informs me about what I need to do before the procedure, later I get a call to move it to another day ok I get yet another call, “the insurance is not covering it.” I get on the phone to my insurance company only to find out it was canceled but I receive new cards in the mail, so this morning after my Dr appointment I went into discuss and just as I thought it was their fault they didn’t file the renewal. So I now wait for two weeks and I will be able to schedule my MRI.

My daughter is twelve and thinks she knows everything, our relationship has changed and we are fighting a lot especially about the phone, when she is being disrespectful or not doing her chores I take the phone away but she Gets so mad, so I am trying to deal with that.

On the 22nd September morning one of my sister calls me crying hysterically, I tried calming her down so she could tell me whats wrong, then I thought did my mother pass away but she kept on crying but eventually blurted out, Jerry passed away” Jerry is the husband of my sister who passed away two years ago with breast cancer. I was shock but quickly got myself together to call my deceased sister’s best friend to notify her so she could get help for our nephew who is eleven. I was told that my nephew said, “I am Superman and should be given trophy for dealing with two deaths.” My heart breaks for my nephew and pray that God will remove all shock and trauma from him as he moves forward with his life with out his beloved parents. May they both rest in peace.

My brother was a very gentle and a fierce man of God. He would have been celebrating his birthday on October 12th and his son on October 15th.

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