Today, I am very thankful for life. Yesterday evening my fatigue was severe and I fell asleep earlier than I normally would, got up and felt better then went to bed after eleven. Got up this morning and the tiredness would not leave, this is not a good feeling, in spite of that I was still able to send my daughter and my other charges of to school and my eye appointment. After my eye test were conducted the Ophthalmologist said, “your eyes are healthy no sign of cancer, everything looks good.” After ordering my contacts I had to sit for my eyes to return to normal after being dilated.

I am out having lunch and I feel do tired its time for me to schedule an appointment with the Urologist, I need to know how big these kidneys are, then an appointment to see the Nephrologist.

At this time there is nothing else I can do, feeling like I’m about to pop is not good, I continue to drink water, stay away from salt as much as I can and rest. My Life In PKD📸

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