September fourth is PKD awareness day, I am asking as a show of support please wear something teal. This disease is hereditary and not just one person suffers the whole family does. I have lost aunts, uncles and cousins to this disease. I will be posting links where you can donate to the PKD foundations as well that will be appreciated you can also purchase t-shirts and other items on the website.

Let’s raise the bar on PKD Awareness Day and come together as a united front to spread the word about this disease further than we ever have before.

Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 4, as we spread the word. Here’s a rundown of our Awareness Day checklist to help you get prepared:

Update your social media profiles. Use our custom frame to boost awareness and support.

Share our graphics and videos. Awareness and education go hand in hand. Helping others better understand PKD brings them closer to our cause.

Take the Teal Pledge. Become an ambassador to the cause and help us spread the word about PKD Awareness Day.

Wear your PKD gear. Show family, colleagues and everyone you meet that you’re ready to raise PKD awareness.

We can’t wait to hear your voice on Sept. 4! Get all your awareness tools now at

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