I shared that I was looking for something to do part time, well God answered my prayers. A few months ago a woman came calling at my door, so I went out to find out if I could assist her, so pleasantries were said, she told me she was our new neighbor, and wanted to know if I knew someone to assist her by taking her kids to catch the bus and pick them up after school. I told her I would be able to and she said she would be in touch. I didn’t hear or see her so I thought she had found someone…

Yesterday was orientation for my daughter who is going into the seventh grade, I left her in the school to organize her locker, a few minutes later she came out very excited, “mom I just saw the new neighbor and her daughter, she asked for you and sent you a message.” I called her on our way home, she wanted to know if I would be able to help with the kids for a monthly fee, I said yes! Thank you God… God worked this out nicely, i take her son to catch the bus to elementary school then take her daughter and mine to catch the bus to middle school. BOOM!

This is just what I needed God came through for me as always.


    1. Just being able to say yes to this is a big deal for me… My bigger dream is to manage my health even better that I do now so I can live longer, if through doing that I realize another then to God be the glory.


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