Father God, you took me me from the pit and place me in a place of excellent standing with you…

Before giving birth to my now twelve year old, I knew I didn’t want to put her in daycare. I wanted to be a stay at home mom, now keep in mind I have four other grown children, I have never taken care of any of my kids with out lots of assistance my mom and other family members were always on location.

2006, I gave birth to my princess and Set out on a new frontier 😊

I stopped working as makeup artist when I found out I was pregnant an it was an excellent decision I had a very good pregnancy…

Father I feel well an even though this kidney disease is my constant companion i would like to find a part time job. I want a part time job because being at home taking care of my daughter is still my first priority.

I pray for the opportunity to work for three days five hours I would be thankful…


  1. Some good thought must have gone into this decision. Great step. Clear details on what you are looking for. But a little more on what type of job, where and when you also want it can help. I look forward to congratulating you on your find.

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    1. Thanks my brother, I am looking for anything that will not take away too much time with my daughter, makeup artist, sales Associate, stylist, organizer. I am in Maryland I have already filled out some online application.

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