Here we go again, my life of stop and go again. Once this frustrated me to no end but thanks to my heavenly father, therapist, meds and my entire medical team I am not feeling mad at me.

My PKD life changed when I decided to get a second opinion, March of last year I had three Er visits, the first they check my urine, blood was drawn they kept me for observation then I was discharged. At home I called my primary care and Nephrologist to set up follow up appointments. The time came for me to see the Nephrologist and all he said was, “everything looks good I will see you next year.”

Now, I am very outspoken and I held back because I was very weak and not feeling well. My primary care follow up appointment came and i was notified while in the waiting area that my Dr couldn’t see me and if i would mind see the PA on duty. Thankfully i had seen this PA before she is very thorough. I made my feelings about the Nephrologist known to her and ask if she could recommend someone else.

I left with a referral to see a Nephrologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland. I told the Nephrologist my story of pain and loss and no being able to be apart of my life to be apart of my marriage, attend school activities with my child, having no friends not to mention no support…

This Nephrologist listened and heard me. ( I am tearing typing this) I know she couldn’t cure me but she really listened and then she went to work, “you need to see a pain management specialist, she went on to tell me about a procedure available to drain large cysts. I said yes to both, i first saw the pain management specialist he prescribed me a very strong medicine that i take two 300mg three times a day. Our next move, make the appointment for me to have the largest cysts drained.

This picture shows on the left a normal kidney and on the right is what Polycystic Kidney Disease looks like.

Because of the amount of pain I was in having the draining of the cysts made me a good candidate, and on the 19th of September last year I had the procedure.

The morning of the procedure.

I am ready to be put to sleep.

They woke me up!

First look. Day three. The bandage were on for about one week, the Dr said two weeks to know if it worked and thank you Lord it did… I haven’t experienced any pain in the left kidney only the right. And as you can see they drained two.

Below is what I had done…


1 Puncturing and draining the cyst, then filling it with alcohol. Rarely, to shrink the cyst, your doctor inserts a long, thin needle through your skin and through the wall of the kidney cyst. …


Minimally invasive procedures. If you have a large kidney cyst that is causing pain, a specialist radiologist can drain the fluid from it using a large needle. This is called percutaneous cyst aspiration. Your radiologist will use ultrasound or a CT (computed tomography) scan to guide the needle to the cyst.


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