When this look happened i was devastated! I did some modeling, performed on stage in both country of birth Trinidad & Tobago and abroad, so my body that I worked very hard to maintain was everything.

Enter two thousand and seventeen I am excising but noticed that I was not toning up then I got sick so once again I had to shut that down, one i felt better i was back at it again I started looking good once again then I got sick so I started looking at the pattern and I stop with my workout. This is having a serious effect on me by this time because I have to look good but that was not to be. The time came for my appointment with the Urologist and after she looked at my MRI results she said, “your kidneys are very large”. I have a small frame so this was nit good news for me, so I ask questions like, what does this mean to me? Is there something that can be done? Let me say I didn’t like any of the truthful answers however I had to deal with it and so I tried move on with my life but my vain mind wouldn’t let me so one day at a time I watched as my body changed from looking as I like to say, fabulous to sagulous thank God I know how to dress my body for i started feeling like my former pregnant self and that was not the look I wanted to walk around with, I wanted my stomach flat my abs there for me to see be able to show off my toned legs well, that was not to be. I experienced feeling very full and nauseated every time I ate feel bruised under my rib cage so I made appointment with my doctor who prescribed nausea medicine to assist me if didn’t work but I notice this one time I had sushi and used the ginger to clean your palette the nausea stopped so I got me a bottle and that helped.

Enter two thousand eighteen, this is what I look like. I thank God and my therapist for the work they continue to do in me here I come weighing in at one hundred a thirty five pounds I feel great! It took a while for me to get here but as I continue to navigate along on this PKD journey lots of things can get out of shape but through in all, God has kept me alive and sane in spite of my self. My pkd journey continues I am loving this body because its the one I have and most important, I AM ALIVE… #wewillwinthefightagainstpkd✨💛✨


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