Thursday August 23rd has been on my mind and I still said Happy Friday to a few people he he. Ok, stay on task I had my long awaited appointment with the Endocrinologist today at 11:30am. I got up early got myself together, my hair did, face beat ride ready then headed out I arrived early filled out the necessary paperwork weighed in had my pressure checked so now I’m waiting to see the specialist, she took a while to show up but i was patient because she held answers i needed. Finally she shows up and said, “i am not seeing anything wrong, see my primary care we will see you if there is anything else.” I know i should be ecstatic but i walked away thinking, I know something is not right! I continue my quest to find out the cause of my dizziness and my fatigue. With the power of three Boston cream filled donuts I am having a wonderful day. My next stop is my therapist, no its my regular appointment I am not just doing this

Next on my list: Get an MRI then follow with my Urologist.

Its ok to feel frustrated especially when it you’re trying to find answers but don’t give up. Let your frustration push you to gain more knowledge.

That’s all folks, I hope you guys are doing well and appreciative of life…


  1. Answer comes to those who ask questions, seekers find. Both you are doing and should get the result. And when you use the statement, … and appreciative of life, do you mean, you guys don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it?


  2. Good morning Akin, thanks for your reply, because of how much time I use to spend laid up in bed has made me really able to just be thankful for the beauty that God has given us and not the thirst to accumulate more material things but to take time to enjoy the beauty that’s all around us. Take care of our temple inside and out. This is something I say regularly, Do enjoy the beauty that is today!
    Happy Friday!


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