God has blessed me with five beautiful children two boys and three gorgeous girls, and nine grand babies who I love and miss dearly.

I was never a mother alone with four of my kids, I had my mom and my other family to assist me, enter me living in the US with no family and I have baby number five and add to that PKD rearing its head after such a fantastic pregnancy. It sure was and I was not ready!

I had my daughter in two thousand six, the pregnancy was perfect, my blood pressure was good throughout, no kidney trouble at all yay! I thought this was a good time to visit my twin island country of Trinidad & Tobago West Indies. My daughter and I head to the tropical island to frolic with family and friends in two thousand nine, I got there in September and was ready to enjoy my family, friends and culture however that was not to be, my kidneys decided it was time to put in an appearance and appear they did. I ended up being admitted to the hospital, that was October, i was diagnosed with a kidney infection and admitted to be treated for five days and was discharged with antibiotics, i get home and started taking the meds, two things stood out (1) it was 2009 and i was being given the same medicine i received in 1993. I was back in the hospital again by the end of October same thing only they were now going to be looking to see if there was something else going on, enter the month of November which is also my birth month. I celebrated my birthday with a new IV line and more antibiotics along with well wishes from my family and friends.

I was discharged from the hospital again and was sent home with more antibiotics but this time I was going to be attended by my primary care physician in the US, once I was feeling strong enough to move about my daughter and I made our way back to the place I call home USA🇺🇸.

My daughter and I in Trinidad in 2009.

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