Goodnight beautiful people, I hope you guys had a wonderful, productive and peaceful day and you are having a relaxing night…

I haven’t blogged for a few days I think not having access to a laptop is sort of cramping my style, I hope to have one sooner than later.

Yesterday I got up after ten am after another restless night of fire flashes that kept me up most of the night yes I am talking about hot flashes I am not alone there are lots of other women going through this and its not very nice experience. I am pulling my hair out not knowing  what to do, take my clothes off cool down pull the covers  back on and repeat.


I have a twelve year old in the house and that means finding activities to keep her active and occupied, we recently visited the library got some books to do some reading, that is not going very well, I sometimes have to take the phone and TV off so she can do some reading. She and her friends seem to think that spending time online with each other listening to Korean Pop group BTS, Got Seven and Red Velvet they are also learning the language so that’s a good thing. I thought I should switch up things a bit to break the monotony of staying in the house I ask her to call up a few friends to see if anyone wanted to join her one friend accepted and the chosen destination was the Mall we all agree that Starbucks was the meeting place and we met their and they made their way to go do their thing and me mine, I didn’t get too far when my bag started buzzing if was my daughter calling to remind me that i had not given her the card just in case she  wanted to make a purchase, “duh mom, we’re in the mall!”


Here we are in our mommy and daughter selfie. They went their way and i made my way to the store of my choice New York & Company and started looking for a pair of Palazzo pants, how i remember wearing these back in the day, well they are back and I am here for all the wide leg and length of them.  I looked around for what seem to be hours and after trying on dresses and tops and trousers I found a lovely pair of side tie Palazzo pants  for $24.99 on sale a corsage tee for $14.99 on sale as well  Paperbag waist Palazzo pants for $49.99 not shown here but I will when I put it together.image-1506509489.jpg

That’s all for tonight. Thanks for reading and feel free to share my blog goodnight and may God keep you all safe and grant you all rest in sleep.

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