Its that time of year when your calendar has appointments to be ticked of with doctors, eye, dental, hair and clothing appointments. Mines started last week and we’re almost at the end, I have really been blessed in that I have the best mother-in-law ever, I thank God for her always she has is is still a big help to me when it comes to getting out princess ready for back to school and today is no difference she is here with me at our girl’s dental appointment.

Cleaning. ☑️

Yesterday was her physical and thank God she is in good health and only receive part two of an injection. She is growing like a weed

Her in the doctors office yesterday. Physical ☑️

Next on the list collect her new glasses and finish up clothes shopping then hello September! 🍂 I know I’m not the only parent doing this and I hope its not causing any unnecessary stress to parents and children. I pray for those who struggle with finances and hope they receive monetary and physical assistance in getting things together. I will leave this here as I get ready to talk to the dentist. Do enjoy the beauty that is today☀️ happy back to school shopping moms and dad.

Please feel free to like and share a let me know if there is some thing you would like to share about myself or do, just nothing crazy…

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