Hello fellow bloggers, it feels great to be back. Last week found me in bed with pain and just feeling very sick, the upside I didn’t end up in the Er.

This disease takes so much from me an others who live with it, every time you feel you’re moving forward, PKD kicks you in the butt, that said, another time this episode would have me feeling very depressed I would be mad that, I’m a failure I can’t seem to complete anything, feeling like everyone is excelling and I’m not.

Today I have a very different outlook, I am trying to build an online store, planning activities with my daughter including travel. Big thanks to my medical team, my primary care who I sometimes have to get mad with, my mental health team rocks 🤘🏽 this team has helped me to understand my life in PKD📸

I am learning to function in present, that means when I am sick an laid up in bed just rest up and when I feel well live my best life no matter what that entails. I coined this saying: Do enjoy the beauty that is today☀️

I came up with that after being sick and bed ridden, not being able to see sun rise or sun set. When I am able to go outside for me that’s a big deal so enjoying all the beautiful things outside that God has given means everything to me. This disease can leave you lonely so our mental health is key of our stability. My slogan is: #wewillwinthefightagainstpkd✨💛✨

I will post a link on here so you who read can gain more information about PKD/Polycystic Kidney Disease https://pkdcure.org/blog/local-volunteer-leader-gives-inside-look-pkd-foundation-chapters/


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