Living A Fulfilled & Stress Free Life

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From The Darkness Into The Light

“Icamethattheymayhaveandenjoylife, andhaveitinabundance” John10:10b(AMP)

The life of everyone God created are in His hands and we can only live it in His power. HiswillisthatweliveagoodandfulfilledlifewhenwefocusnotonourselvesbutinHim.

wechoosetoliveourlifebyself–help, wecouldbesuccessfulbyachievingourpersonalgoalsbutmaystillhaveafeelingofemptinessandunfulfilledlife. JesussaidforustocleavetoHimsteadfastlyandconformourselvestoHisownwayoflifebecauseself–sacrificeratherthanself–helpistherightway,- “Mywaytofindingyourself, yourtrueself” Matt16:25(Msg)

Our hope should…

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