Yes I want to address this big nightmare, that women of a certain age experience. I started when I was fourth seven, while talking to my mom one day I mentioned how I was feeling and she said, “you in menopause child”. Yes, she was right what started out as a funny feeling in my pubic are turned into me having less menstrual period, then the flashes started and I mean fire flash 🔥🔥🔥 too much! I spoke to my Dr about it she prescribed me something which can’t remember off hand, I did experience some relief for a bit then it came back stronger again my doctor prescribed me another pill this on gave me a headache, so after taking it for a few days I stopped taking them. I guess I didn’t get anything thing else because I was also dealing with my kidneys, depression, anxiety, my daughter, the loss of my sister and feeling lost myself.

Let me say, I am taking pain meds, allergy, anxiety, pressure, depression and sleep medicine. I mentioned to my primary care about the fire flash again and she said, I may have a hormone imbalance, so I was sent to see an Endocrinologist she had me have blood drawn and I see her later this month to get the results. Meanwhile I am going crazy flashing constantly and sweating profusely all day and night time it goes into over drive! Any woman reading this have a natural remedy please SHARE!!! Please help me stop the madness I know I’m not the only one going through this.

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