My life in PKD📸

Depression and anxiety strolled into my life when I wasn’t looking, I can’t remember exactly when but as I described how I felt to my doctor and hearing her say, “you are suffering with D&A” I was then sent to see a psychiatrist for meds and a psychologist to get my thoughts together. I don’t like being on the meds but they’ve helped me a lot, talking to someone has given me some excellent tools to assist me as I navigate my day to day life. I looked around me and realized that all my friends were gone and I was stuck with this illness, it was very scary! Feeling like you’re in a hole but can’t get out is terrible space to be in. I am thankful to my medical team to staying true to their oath to take care of the sick, mind and body, ER staff, receptionists in every facility I visit thanks for all that you do taking care of me, so i can function. My story continues. Me on August 6th I am having a good day. ☀️


      1. I like it a lot but I still have to get some things together on here, I’m doing this from my iPhone. Working on getting a laptop. 😊

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