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Today she would have turned fourth six years old, we her family still wonder why she didn’t let us know she had breast cancer before any one of us had the opportunity to say something.

My sister was full of life, a wife, mother and a woman of God. We we not super close but said hi to each other every time we had the chance. Our dad died when we were very young and I ran away because of the terrible treatment that I felt we were receiving, my others siblings stayed. Back to her, some where in 2016 we got in contact and spoke every day, I shared my life in PKD and she shared that she was “dealing with something” eventually she told me she had breast cancer I was freaked out, and wanted to know if she was in treatment? Her answer threw me a bit, she was not, “they told me they can remove the breast but I told them God gave me two so I am keeping both”. She was using some natural concoction which didn’t seem to be helping, my mom knew something was wrong but not sure what exactly, other than me she had told no one at home (Trinidad) I live in the US about the cancer. She had what we called a bleedout and call another sister she was close with to help her my sister could not believe her eyes with what she was seeing, our sister couldn’t even use her arm to help herself she now need assistance to clean, and do her every day duties which includes a husband and a son. We are now messaging and calling each other whenever we felt well enough to, one day I got a message saying that she was taken to the hospital and needed a blood transfusion, I went into serious sister mode calling friends to ask if they can donate blood, and with that started to prepare myself for a trip home, it was on one of those days of preparing I missed eighteen phone, when I got home I opened up my phone and saw all the missed calls, with call number nineteen there was a message, she has passed away… She would be have been fourth six today 💐 R. I. P sis you are not forgotten. 💐 Happy Birthday 🎉

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