Its another beautiful Tuesday I feel wonderful having been chosen to be here. Its the last day of July and I am already thinking about the change in weather🙄 hold up Paige, not so fast 😊 its still Summer so relax.

So this past Sunday the kids took over the church service and did an amazing job! 👏🏽👏🏽 I am unable to share pics of other kids as I don’t have permission but I can share my daughter who sang lead on one song, I am a very proud mom. The kids were asked to wear something red, and so the search was on to find something that would please my daughter, she is at the age where she just wants to wear a sporty shorts, t-shirt and slides but to church no way! The first place I searched Ross, I found a red cropped top not what I wanted but it would serve as a under shirt and it was $4.99. Next stop TJMaxx I saw red tops but they were too big, on to Target, victory! I found a red button front shirt that had a tie at the lower front perfect,

it cost #21.99 good price and the crop top from Ross will go under as I said.I

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