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When I decided to become a mom while having PKD, I asked God to keep me safe during my pregnancy and he did, my pregnancy went great 👍🏽 I had to be checked every week to make sure that both baby and I were doing well. The day came and baby girl was here and everyone was elated myself included of course 😁 Life was going great until my friendly neighborhood kidneys started showing up and my life once again was turned around and not in a good way, I was plagued by kidney stones and UTI/kidney infections and lots of laying in bed, I began to wonder what kind of life was i living, I now had a husband and a baby to look after and it seemed to me like I was failing. I was a praying woman so I prayed I had my Christian friends praying for me as well but I was slowly losing my grip on my life.

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My ray of sunshine☀️


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