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As stated it early Saturday morning and sleep is evading me, but I’m not worried i’ve already taken my meds sleep will coming knocking and I will be ready. I can remember when I relished the idea of staying up late hanging out just living my life! Yes, I was once was a young chick making moves, living my life! Then comes PKD putting me in limbo. The good news is I am now better equipped to deal with my illness thank the Lord🙏🏽

So much has changed for me and its about to get even better. Today I saw the psychiatrist, he has been my pal for a while, i tell him my story we chat, then he gives me some candy 😁 no seriously, him and the psychologist have really assisted me in getting back to me. They both agreed that i am ready to be released into the big wild world. My reaction was to (clap my hands like a little child who was told good job). They are not through with me completely but my visits are not regular and I’m on less medication.

We enough rambling sleep is knocking on my door, so goodnight and good morning, join me again for another episode of : MY LIFE IN PKD📸

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